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Embrace the Newest Trends to Evolve Your Agency

August 23, 2023

SIAA’s premier virtual conference is Tuesday, September 12th. Explore and connect at IA Evolve!

From using data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage, to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and digital strategies to supercharge insurance agencies’ success, IA Evolve is SIAA’s premier virtual conference for independent agencies looking to advance their knowledge of using available cutting-edge tools and best practices in order to meet changing client needs, now and in the future! It’s not just about mastering digital tools – it’s about embracing the newest trends to evolve your agency.

Sessions are led by subject matter experts from the insurance and technology industries. Participants have the opportunity to engage in various ways: they can pose inquiries, interact with fellow attendees, and partake in discussions during sessions, within the virtual tradeshow, or via individualized one-on-one chats. The entire event takes place online in a virtual setting and is completely free to attend.

IA Evolve • September 12