SAN Social Rock Stars

4 SAN Member Agencies Doing Social Media Well, and What You Can Learn from Them

August 13, 2020

Rock Stars at Concert
All too often, insurance agencies create digital channels without a clearly defined strategy, leading to low engagement, decreasing dedication and sometimes abandonment. We recently rounded up some marketing rock stars across the SAN Group network that really stand out.

1. Facebook – Shop Around Insurance Services

Located in Washingtonville, NY, Shop Around Insurance’s consistent stream of content is engaging and has personality. Agency owner John Luongo mixes things up – posting video, photos and lots of real-life examples clients can relate to. Shop Around often uses a lighthearted humorous approach to educating followers with their “Claim or No Claim” game, where they pose a situation, ask the audience if it is a claim, and then explain the answer.

Shop Around Insurance Facebook screenshot

Below are some other things Shop Around Insurance does well on Facebook, how about you?

  • Company logo and branding for profile picture and cover image
  • About section is completed
  • 28 reviews (5-star!)
  • Vanity URL
  • Call-to-Action button linked to agency rater
  • Community page

2. LinkedIn – Hudson Valley Agents

Hudson Valley Agents (Walden, NY) carries its value proposition of employing the latest cutting-edge technology while retaining old school values and service for their clientele through to its LinkedIn page and content. The About section is well written and a steady stream of content contains a mix of videos, photos and graphics to encourage engagement.

Hudson Valley Agents LinkedIn screenshot

What can you learn from Hudson Valley Agents LinkedIn page?

  • Employees are properly linked to company page
  • Affiliate page for Commercial Insurance for improved target marketing
  • Branded profile picture along with relevant background image
  • Linked to website
  • Strong usage of relevant hashtags to promote content beyond followers

3. Instagram – Ultimate Insurance Agency

Massachusetts has the largest foreign-born Portuguese speaking population of any state, and Ultimate Insurance Agency of Marlborough has built an impressive Instagram following in just 18 months, posting a steady stream of well-branded original content entirely in the native language of the community they serve. You don’t have to speak Portuguese to recognize that this agency is rocking it on Instagram.

Ultimate Insurance Instagram screenshot

New to this social media channel? Below are some takeaways from Ultimate Insurance Agency’s rock-star Instagram page:

  • Use of the bio link to drive website traffic
  • Posts are on-brand and aligned with interests of their followers and target audience
  • Post regularly and consistently
  • The agency’s signature style of their office and website are carried over to their Instagram account
  • Use of industry relevant hashtags
  • Variety of content mediums, mixing up photos and videos
  • Giveaways and contests to encourage engagement

4. Twitter – Quinton Insurance

With over 10,000 clients in the greater Rochester, NY area, Quinton Insurance has a continuous stream of content on all the major social platforms and integrate Snap21 and Yelp reviews on their website. The agency cleverly repackages reviews as tweets, along with a variety of content including short “Ask the Expert” video clips featuring agency owner Gordon Quinton.

Quinton Insurance Twitter screenshot

Quinton Insurance also deploys these Twitter tactics to stand out from the usual wordy updates found on this fast-moving social channel.

  • Use of Twitter cards
  • Use of industry relevant hashtags
  • Consistently branded, creative graphics
  • Tweets that don’t sound like a robot (who wants a robot for an agent?)

So, You Want to Be a Rock Star?

These insurance agencies are just examples of how to use social media to amplify your other marketing efforts. If you want to become a social rock star, you don’t have to recreate these examples; simply take note of how their social media presence reflects their agency’s brand and personality. Learn from which posts are attracting the most engagement and then apply these lessons to find your own social voice.