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Whether you’re an existing agency owner who needs access to more carriers and/or wants to increase your business income and value, or are the owner of a mature, established agency and are looking for strategic partnerships, SAN can help you reach new levels of profit by augmenting and growing your existing book of business. Membership provides resources for training and onboarding new producers, discounted software and other programs, hiring resources, plus so much more.

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Why join SAN?


Average amount earned by SAN members through profit sharing and overrides


of SAN members earn more than they pay in fees


Average amount earned by top 100 agents OVER fees paid

Return on Investment

Existing agencies who become SAN members typically see premiums growth of 30-80% within 24 months and on average earn back the initial fees in under a year. By doing business with strategic partner carriers, members can see a 1.5% increase in profit share immediately from contingencies.

Some of our most successful members can reach upward of $5M in net premiums through leveraging the SAN network. Top performing members become eligible for our Opportunity Partner Agreement, which opens up new paths toward higher returns.

Market Access

Grow your existing book using SAN’s extensive network of market leading carriers. Don’t leave money on the table! Under this alliance, you will still have direct carrier access, as well as the ability to book E&S business you would have otherwise walked away from.

“One thing that I really admire about the SAN Group is that they don’t only employ professional people, but they have all had experience at some level of being an agency owner and I feel that that becomes a very positive asset to me because they understand my position and they understand what I need for my agency.”

Jane Barter
Barter Insurance
West Hartford, CT
Member since 2002

Jane Barter

Tailored Contracts

Our member agreement for existing agencies offers maximum flexibility and value for our largest partners. We provide multiple options for term length (1-5, 10, 15 years), and limit our monthly fees so that you only pay for new business on our platform. All this while providing industry-leading profit sharing rates (2.0-2.5%).

Long-Term Partnership

Our approach is tailored to your goals, whether it is to grow or maintain. Unlike our competitors, we have no non-compete at agreement termination.

Training & Support

The SIAA training programs include the 6-week Business Insurance Advantage and 4-week Foundation programs. Each are tailored to help teach newly hired producers insurance and sales essentials, as well as onboard to SIAA systems. Training is free to all SAN and SIAA members.

IT & Technology

We typically save our members thousands of dollars every year through using our technology partners or by switching to our customer relationship management tools.

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