By Tom Lizotte, Chief Operating Officer at SAN Group

Independent insurance agents must adapt to the changing expectations of modern consumers to remain competitive in today’s insurance landscape. Nowadays, consumers seek an experience that matches the quality of service offered by leading brands like Amazon and Starbucks. The demand is for speed and efficiency packaged in an overall seamless experience. Accordingly, agents must first acknowledge this shift in consumer preferences before striving to meet these expectations.

The increased competition in the insurance market means consumers have more options. They want personalized services, quick response times, and transparency in pricing and policies. Failure to meet these expectations may result in a poor experience, which could lead to negative reviews, loss of clients—and ultimately a downturn in agency revenue. On the other hand, adapting to these new consumer expectations can help attract and retain clients, build a loyal client base, and enhance an agency’s reputation, leading to increased revenue and growth.

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